Meet Us

Marian Rose

Marian Rose loves Qi!  She loves how working and playing with our Qi (essential life force energy / prana) heals the body, mind, emotions and spirit in miraculous ways.

After a more conventional lifestyle, living in Paris and London, working for large organisations in publishing and then in PR, Marian retrained in traditional acupuncture, graduating with a BSc in Traditional Acupuncture and  had a successful practice in London.  Four years ago she set off around the world - she met the dolphins and her gorgeous co-hosts of this retreat.  She also met some wonderful women who introduced her to the practices of the Universal Healing Tao tradition. These resonated so deeply with her and dovetailed in so smoothly with her TCM and five element acupuncture work that she trained to become a Universal Healing Tao Instructor and Women’s Healing Love Instructor and has been inspired to facilitate taoist women’s circles and groups in the UK and overseas ever since.   She is passionate about helping others reclaim guardianship of their own body temples and to embrace ownership of their own health and well-being.  She delights in facilitating others in accessing their own inner power and their inevitable and joyful transformation.

Liz Bylett

Liz Bylett loves life! She lives it to the full; a wife, mother of three amazing children and successful business owner.

Liz was called to Hawaii on a retreat and fell in love with it; the energy of the land, the amazing dolphins (My boyyzzz as she fondly calls them!) and her beautiful co hosts.  She loves to gather pods together for fun, uplifting experiences and for learning purposes.

Her business in the U.K. has trained hundreds of people to start their own businesses, as well as serviced thousands of corporate events over a 25 year period. Alongside this over the years Liz has trained in many energy healing modalities over 20 years and has hosted many groups and events on the beautiful land that she care takes in England. Being very creative she is excited to combine together the many aspects of her work and play in this awesome life opportunity on this amazing retreat.

Samantha Sparrow

Sam is a complementary therapist, lover of dolphins and the natural world. Sam feels as though nature is her greatest teacher. She is learning how to listen to her heart and be in her body at the same time. Sam is a crystal guardian of the earth facilitating changing patterns of the earth’s rhythms to help harmonise the energy of humans and the planet.

Sam facilitates the body’s natural ability to find balance via Reflexology, Massage, Crystal treatments, Reiki and Angelic treatments.