Swim with Wild Dolphins:


We are so very grateful and blessed that on our retreats we see dolphins in the bay outside our retreat house on a daily basis, and sometimes whales too.

We swim with dolphins daily at a local bay or at another bay only a 5 minute drive away.

During these swims we feel so very blessed as these magical creatures will come and join us and are keen and happy to interact with us. The dolphins share their wisdom with us through their vibrations and magic. The way of the dolphin is a oneness of community, play and fun, with no expectation. If we enter the ocean with this state of being, relaxed, aware and honouring the dolphins then we are more likely to easily flow into our interactions as guests in the ocean.

Rules of Swimming with Dolphins:


- We swim in a pod.

- We are considerate to our fellow human pod members as we are to the dolphins.

- We allow ourselves to feel calm and joyful and our vibration is a closer match to our dolphin friends. If our hearts are open, with no expectation then the dolphins are more likely to approach us.

- If we are blessed to be approached by one of these magical creatures then swim slightly away from them in a curve, this will encourage them to come near us.

- Always, always, we enter the water in teams and we are responsible for ourselves at all times but also for the well being of our team.

- If at any time the water feels too rough for our ability, or if it feels too deep for us, or we are not feeling well, or just a little anxious, then leave the water. Our safety is important.

- We have swim guides to help us and also sometimes boat or kayak opportunities for those that are not as strong swimmers.

- We respect the dolphins entirely – no over arm swimming, splashing or grabbing. We are aware of each other and give each other space to spend some alone time with the dolphins. We use that awareness as the dolphins do, so that we swim with awareness of the space around us so we do not bump into our fellow pod members in our excitement at being close to these magnificent creatures.

- We feel our way - feel into how the dolphins are feeling - they may not want to play today, and may be communicating telepathically or by keeping their distance or going deep. We honour this and give them space. In all cases, we allow the pod to come to us - no chasing!